Loved-up Josie Gibson is content with Luke Sanwo

The Christmas tunes are blaring, the tree is sparkling and the wine’s mulling.

Josie Gibson, 26, and boyfriend Luke Sanwo, 24, are busy planning their first Christmas together and cuddling up for Now’s photo shoot.

Josie couldn’t be happier.

‘I thought I was happy this time last year, but I wasn’t,’ she tells us.

‘I’m much more comfortable with Luke than I was with John James [Parton].

‘They’re the total opposite. Luke‘s grown-
up and he doesn’t rely 
on me for anything. He’s very independent.

‘My relationship with 
John James was draining.

‘Actually, it wasn’t really 
a relationship, more an expensive headache.’

John James is now in Australia, but is he likley to call with Christmas good wishes?

‘Go no, we have nothing in common!’ says Josie.

‘I don’t trust him. I wouldn’t want him to contact me because I don’t want to talk to him.’

See Josie Gibson and Luke Sanwo in bed together and read more in Now magazine dated 26 December 2011 – out now!


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