Josie felt fat compared to stick-thin ex John James

Now columnist Josie Gibson is constantly battling with her weight. She’s recently been to boot camp again and is down to a size 16 – but she’d love to be a size 12.

It was particular hard for Josie to keep trim when she was in the Big Brother house in 2010 with ex John James Parton.

Lazing around in front of the cameras, she put on 2st.

‘I never felt so fat in my life as when I came out of that house,’ admits Josie, 26.

John James is so slim and thin and I’m so big that I thought we looked stupid together.

‘Even he used to say we looked silly together. It made me feel horrible about myself.

‘But because we were in love, we spent a lot of time going out for big dinners, the weight was piling on.’

When Josie and John James split in March last year, she was a size 22 – and getting bigger.

To keep control of her figure, she’s now learnt to stop scoffing rubbish.

‘I would just eat carbs – whether it was pies, pasties, chips or crisps – you name it, I would eat it,’ she confesses.

‘I was disgusted by my body.’

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