Is the reality star at the centre of a love triangle?

Josie Gibson says she was ‘mortified’ when ex-fiance Luke Sanwo took to Twitter to lash out at TOWIE‘s Tom Pearce.

After the Essex hunk said Josie was ‘pretty’ and ‘looks great’ since her recent weight loss, plumber Luke, 25, was bombarded with messages on Twitter saying Tom was going to steal Josie from him.

Luke and Josie are currently ‘on a break’ after a split last month.

Luke flipped and wrote some really crude things on Twitter,’ Josie, 28, says.

‘He said to Tom, “Your talking recklessly. Revenge is sweeter than any pussy so you want to stay away from my misses.”

‘I was so mortified when I read that! Luke grew up on a council estate in east London and thinks he’s so street.’

Josie said she felt sorry for her ex, as he’s not used to being targeted on Twitter and wants her back – but she’s still undecided.

‘Sometimes I want to be with him and sometimes I don’t,’ she says.

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