The BB star feels she was manipulated

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson used to adore Aussie hunk John James Parton, 25, but now she’s not so sure he’s the wonderful guy she once thought.

‘He put me through so many mind games,’ she says.

‘He used to go on about my weight all the time. He would take the p*ss out of my looks and make me feel ugly.

‘He used to tell me I was thick.’

Josie, 26, is now starring in her own reality show There’s Something About Josie and has hundreds of thousands of fans.

With her friends and family supporting her, too, she’s fighting to get her confidence back.

‘I can only be myself and I can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea,’ she tells Now.

‘I think I’m a bit like Marmite, really. People either love me or f***ing hate me.

‘If people like me, they like me; if they don’t – they can f*ck off!’

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