Josie has been getting very frisky


Josie Gibson is soaking up the sunshine in Ibiza this week with her mates.

‘I’m having the best girly break,’ Josie, 27, tells us.

‘We’ve been partying like we’re on holiday with Rihanna.

‘I’ve never been a girl who gets her pins out in the sun, but my diet’s been going so well I’ve been wearing batty riders.

‘And it seems Ibiza’s bringing out the lezzer in me.

‘I met a Geordie punter at a club and we had a little kiss – no tongues, mind.

‘Both me and my cousin fancied her, so it got quite competitive between us.

‘I told Lukey after – I proper fancied her, so I thought it best to be honest.

‘He wasn’t as excited as me by my girl crush, though.

‘I’m not surprised he went mental.

‘It’s one thing me being on holiday with the gang while he works his arse off at home, but maybe I was asking a bit too much for him to be as happy as I was about my girl-on-girl experience.

‘I’d better get him a special pressie…

‘Wonder what he’d make of a threesome?’

Read Josie Gibson‘s column Just Josie! in Now magazine dated 13 August 2012 – out now!

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