Josie Gibson's pooch Roxy likes to snuggle up with a bit of lingerie


It seems that Josie Gibson‘s pet dog was feeling particularly playful last night.

French Mastiff Roxy ran off with the 2010 Big Brother winner’s bra.

‘Got a feeling that Bra doesn’t belong to you! Naughty dog,’ Tweeted Josie, 28, who discovered her underwear in Roxy‘s bed.

Boyfriend  Luke Sanwo, 25, probably won’t mind Josie – who’s had a boob job to even out her lop-sided breasts – walking around topless but he isn’t too happy when 5st pooch Roxy gets jealous.

‘She won’t let us hug or even touch,’ Josie, 28, revealed last year.

‘Every time I get close to him for a snog or a grope she jumps in the middle.

‘We were trying to get jiggy last night and she kept climbing under the covers and pushing us apart – so we gave up.’

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