Josie is writing about her past and it's not easy


Josie Gibson has been dead snappy with fiancé Luke Sanwothis week.

‘See, I’ve started a book about my life and it’s made me dead angry,’ Josie, 27, explains.

‘I’ve been writing about my mum’s crap boyfriends after my dad was killed when I was 10 years old.

‘Sometimes Luke’s got in from work and I’ve nearly taken his head off before he’s even opened his mouth or taken his jacket off.

‘Going through it all again has infuriated me and I’ve taken it out on him – poor bugger.

‘I’m not one of those people who talk much about my lot in life, so Lukey doesn’t know much of what’s happened to me.’

Read Josie Gibson’s full Love Confession in Now magazine dated 26 March 2012 – out now!

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