Ex-Big Brother star Josie Gibson has been in tears over her ex’s so-called fans

It’s been almost a year since the Big Brother lovebirds split up, but Josie Gibson reveals that fans of her ex John James Parton, 26, have made her life hell over the last few weeks.

The TV star has suffered in silence as John James’s fans have bullied her via Twitter and even threatened to kill her family.

But after months of insomnia, stress and phobias about answering the door or going out, Josie‘s finally standing up to the cyber bullies.

A tearful Josie, 26, tells Now: ‘John’s slagged me off on Twitter and now his fans are doing it.

‘One of them called me “a baby killing fat c****.”

‘That hurts.’

Read the full story about Josie Gibson and John James Parton in Now magazine dated 9 January 2012 – out now!

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