The couple prepare to marry, but A-list pals won't be buying a new hat

While Jude Law, 37, and Sienna Miller are going full steam ahead with the wedding plans, Sadie Frost, 45, remains determined that she and her three children with Jude won’t be playing any part in the nuptials.

Sadie’s really tried to get on with Sienna,’ says a friend, ‘but she’s just given up because she believes Sienna does nothing to help maintain the peace between her and Jude.

‘At present, Sadie says she wouldn’t be caught dead 
at their big day.’

Also unlikely to be in attendance are most of Sadie’s famous friends.

Kate Moss can’t stand Sienna ever since she 
so ungraciously dumped her friend Rhys Ifans,’ adds the insider.

Shockingly, even 28-year-old Sienna’s sister Savannah, 31, with whom she owns the Twenty8Twelve fashion label, isn’t rushing out to buy a hat.

still hasn’t forgiven Jude for cheating on her sister with the nanny all those years ago,’ adds our insider.

‘She also didn’t think much of his fling with model Samantha Burke in New York, which resulted in a love child.

Savannah will always be there for Sienna but has told her she’s not convinced they should be getting married.’

At this rate we reckon it’ll just be Jude, Sienna and the registrar at the big day!

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