Actor is unattached for the first time in 16 years


Jude Law has revealed that he is enjoying his newfound single status.

After a series of doomed relationships – including his failed marriage to Sadie Frost and broken engagement to Sienna Miller – the actor is finally content to be on his own.

‘I am single for the first time in 16 years,’ he reveals.

‘Since I was 19, I’d always been in relationships and I now enjoy just being able to concentrate on my children, my work and myself.’

And the 34-year-old star insists he is much more grounded than he was 10 years ago.

‘I am very happy and I feel very settled with myself,’ Jude tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I don’t feel as needy and desperate to prove things. In my twenties I was very keen to achieve this and prove I wasn’t just a pretty boy. I am over that.’