Actor says he's learnt from his relationship mistakes

Jude Law reckons he’s ready to move on from his relationship with Sienna Miller.

The actor – who was dating the Casanova star on and off for three years – is ready to forget his failed romance and get on with his life.

He says: ‘We all mess up from time to time and we have to allow each other that. Perhaps the best we can expect is for people to admit their mistakes, learn from them and move on.’

The 33-year-old heartthrob also insisted the relationship was destined to fail because of his and Sienna’s busy work schedules and hectic social lives.

‘I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel sometimes like they have to stop their life to get their love life back on track,’ he says. ‘You have to find the right time for each other.

‘Relationships are hard work. It’s like cultivating anything. They need attention, care and application.’