Larry Seidlin weeps as he gives his verdict on where she'll be buried

The judge in the Anna Nicole Smith case wept yesterday as he gave his verdict over the custody of her body.

Larry Seidlin broke down in tears after he ruled that Richard Milstein, who is guardian for five-month-old Dannielynn Smith, will be able to decide where the ex-Playboy model is to be buried.

The judge said he wanted Anna laid to rest in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel but did not make an order to that effect.

Judge Seidlin added: ‘I want her buried with her son in the Bahamas, I want them to be together. She is going to be with her son. Her son is going to be next to her.’

Anna’s mother Virgie Arthur (who wanted her daughter to be buried in Texas) isn’t happy with the outcome and it’s believed she’s already filed an appeal.

Anna, 39, died on 8 February in Florida. The issue of who fathered Dannielynn has still to be decided by a second court in California.