The actresses grapple on set

It sounds like Julia Roberts isn’t to be messed with.

The actress has revealed that, while filming movie August: Osage County, she left Meryl Streep covered in bruises.

In a scene where Julia knocks Meryl, 64, to the ground to get a bottle of pills from her, the Pretty Woman star admits to getting a bit overly aggressive.

‘I was honestly afraid I might hurt her,’ says Julia, 46.

‘Because once I mustered up the courage to actually jump out of the chair on top of her, I could only control so much of what happened.

‘We were going at it because I could not get the pills out of her hand. There I was on top of her. But she was tough as nails.

‘This is the first time we’ve been down the trenches together – and what trenches we decided to get into!’

Julia was filled with guilt but Meryl didn’t seem too fazed by the brutal scenes.

‘I felt terrible every time, I was so worried about hurting her, and she was such an incredible trouper,’ Julia tells Event Magazine.

‘We were both hurt and I would say, “Look at me, oh my God,” but she never said a word about her bruises.

‘And yet there she was, icing her swelling wrist. She has a lot more endurance than I do!’

Anna Francis