The actress says she'd love to turn up as an old biddy in the Rovers

Julie Walters, 56, is hankering for a part in Coronation Street. The Billy Elliot star says she’s a big fan of Corrie and also regularly tunes in for EastEnders.

Julie, who can be seen in the film Driving Lessons at cinemas now, admits: ‘I’d love to appear on Corrie as some rough old biddy who gives everyone a hard time.’

In this week’s Email Interview, Julie also tells Now magazine about her fear of spiders and her lust for Johnny Depp.

The best showbiz gossip she’s ever heard was that she was getting married to the Pirates Of The Caribbean star. ‘Where did I hear that?’ she jokes, ‘In my own head.’

To read the full interview, pick up your copy of Now dated 13 September 2006.