Check out Chris Pratt's monster makeover

Ever since mega-hit Guardians Of The Galaxy came to the big screen last summer, Chris Pratt has been on our radar as our new movie crush. And it’s in no small part due to his amazing mansformation. He lost an unbelievable 4st 6lb for his role as Star-Lord in the film.

Chris, 35, admitted he was determined to transform his 22st body by banning booze, cutting carbs and working out every day. And the hard work has certainly paid off as he looks fitter and more toned than he did during a day out at the beach back in 2009, sporting stars and stripes swimming trunks and a beer belly.

That was a galaxy away from the super-toned abs and six-pack Chris showed off on set during Guardians ­ and it seems he¹s just getting fitter and fitter, as the latest shots of his ripped torso clearly demonstrate.

Chris returns to the big screen for Jurassic World, which has already become a monster hit ­ taking half a billion dollars (£330 million) in its opening weekend. The film revisits the scene of the first Jurassic Park movie but features an almost entirely new cast, including Chris and New Girl star Jake Johnson.

Speaking about his impressive weight loss last summer, Chris ­ who’s married to Scary Movie actress Anna Faris, with whom he has a son Jack, two ­ claims small changes every day led to the mahoosive difference months down the line. He said at the time: ‘Six months seems like a long
time unless you’re looking backwards… all you have to do is just a few things every day and remain consistent and time will fly just as fast as it flies if you’re working hard or not.

‘If you just cut the crap out of your diet and if you spend an hour a day doing something physical that’ll make you sweat, six months will pass by. You’ll feel better mentally, physically, spiritually it’s all tied together.’

Chris swapped carbs and junk food for plenty of protein, such as fish and chicken, and natural fats such as avocado, and fresh fruits and non-starchy veg. He also varied his exercise regime and ran, boxed, completed a triathlon and pushed himself through workout sessions six days a week with personal trainer Duffy Gaver.

Reflecting back on his struggles with his weight, Chris says: ‘Everything about my spirit was dull. I didn’t feel great and I think people will relate to that.’

He admits now he was only happy while he was eating when overweight and jokes that meal times are a ‘bit lame’ now he’s healthy. ‘When I was fat and unhappy, the only moments of respite I got were when I was eating,’ he says. ‘I felt great shovelling food down my neck and totally negative in between. Mealtimes are lame sometimes now because that’s the way it can be when you¹re eating healthily. But all the time between meals I feel great.’

Chris first shot to fame in 2009 as chubby Andy Dwyer on US comedy TV series Parks And Recreation. He toned up to play a Navy SEAL in Zero Dark Thirty in 2012 before packing on the pounds again for film comedy Delivery Man in 2013. But Chris is determined the weight will stay off this time.

He jokes his wife is to blame for him piling on the pounds. ‘I put on weight because I’d fallen in love with a woman who loved to feed her man,’ he said. ‘We were drinking a lot of wine and having fun. I was her little Hansel out in the woods and she was fattening me up to put me in the fire. It was like Momma Bear and Papa Bear.’

Lolz. Not any more, eh Chris?

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