Justin Biber shares a pic of him after he's gone for a dip in the freezing waters of Iceland

Autumn is well truly upon us. We’ve wrapped ourselves up in scarves, the hot beverages out in full force and we’ve it’s taken us an extra 10 minutes to get ready every morning just from trying on wooly hats.

But seasonal changes means nothing to young whippernsnapper Justin Bieber, who’s been in the icy lands of Iceland, and decided to strip off down to his pants in the chilly climates. Brr.

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Yup. Ol’ JB decided to go for a lil’ refreshing glacier dip in just THOSE Calvin Klein tighty whiteys. We’re getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

And to celebrate the fact that he didn’t freeze his nuts off (literally), he shared a photo of him getting out the water and high-fiving a buddy.

Justin Bieber was previously involved with Calvin Klein in an ad campaign where the 21-year-old   flexed his muscles and did his best Zoolander impression while posing in some of the infamous pants. And we all didn’t quite know if it was quite appropriate how it made us feel about Biebster.

Glad you survived the cold Justin, you’ve earned your glacier swimming badge now!

Amy Lo