Justin's been creative with his most recent song

Every so often, there’ll be a song that comes around that captivates the world, and would be nearly impossible to escape.

Ed Sheeran kicked off the year of worldwide bangers with ‘Shape of You’, and has now handed the baton to the likes of Luis Fonsee, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber for their global smash, Despacito.

Sung mostly in Spanish, the sexy reggaeton tune is all over the radio, the TV and our Spotify playlists – to the point where plenty of us nearly know the lyrics word for word…

Justin, however, isn’t quite in that group, as during a recent performance of the track he forgot the words and instead decided to freestyle his lyrics – and some fans aren’t happy…

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Semi-reformed bad boy Justin was performing at New York hotspot 1OAK earlier this week, and naturally gig-goers were pretty excited to hear the song of the moment live.

Yet the 23-year-old seemed to have had a mental block – and merely sang ‘Despacito’… before the words went in a whole new direction.

‘I don’t know the words so I say burrito, I don’t know the words so I say Dorito, I don’t know the words so I say puerquito [pork],’ he said flatly into the mic, before offering it out towards the crowd to fill in the bits he didn’t know. Cringe!

Since Canadian Justin isn’t a fluent Spanish speaker, we won’t judge him too harshly for forgetting – however he’s come under fire for filling the gaps with silly words.

‘Super disrespectful. He is making tons of money and gaining more popularity with the spanish market and ends up singing lyrics like doritos? Understandable for him to forget the lyrics but don’t make a joke out of it..and use idiotic words and end up mocking the language and the song,’ reads an unimpressed YouTube comment.

Oh dear. Others have instead reacted with laughter, telling him: ‘this sounds f**king hilarious, not really a fan of his but he killed it!’

Here’s hoping he has a bit more practise before he goes for another performance – somehow, ‘Dorito’ doesn’t have the same appeal…