Don't worry. When we say 'nature', we don't mean Justin is nude.

It seems like Justin Bieber is really trying, like really trying, to put his wild-child image behind him. Gone are the snapbacks and that immaculately-coiffed fringe in favour of more grown-up styling and a tousled hairdo, and now, Justin’s been hanging out in a field showing his rugged side. Or something.

In a new series of pictures posted to Instagram, the Biebs can be seen in a tree, climbing up large metal container of some description, standing in a lake and having a lovely time under some rocks, all the while wearing a fetching pair of baggy orange shorts.

We’re not really sure what it’s all in aid of, because Justin has helpfully not given any of his pictures a caption, except the one where he’s hanging off a ladder. ‘We all fly,’ he wrote. Yep, that’s it. We all fly. Thanks for clearing that up, Justin.

Perhaps it’s the artwork for his new album? Or maybe he just really likes the countryside? Perhaps the moody lighting was all a ploy to show off those neon shorts?

Oh, Justin, please just tell us what the blazes you were doing here. While we ponder some more, here’s the Biebs’ new single, What Do You Mean. Enjoy.