Did someone turn the heating up?

Justin Bieber isn’t exactly the most shy when it comes to stripping off – the world has probably seen every inch of his body by now – but the pop sensation has been smashing the gym if these new Calvin Klein photos are anything to go by.

Rocking the bleach-blonde hair (pre-Hailey Baldwin, it’s not purple) and the black Calvin’s, the picture reads: ‘I flaunt in #mycalvins’

Yeah, just in the Calvins… he seems to be forgetting the naked boat or the ancient Mexican archaeological site he was kicked out of for stripping down in or literally any of his Instagram photos.


He shared this alongside the classic Bieber in Bed with white Calvins photo, this time with a hand over his Other Justin instead of some letters, reading ‘I dream in my #calvins’.

The Biebs wasn’t the only star stripping down: Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kendall Jenner shared a video of her shoot, which involved a series of sexy polaroids.

The caption reads: ‘I want to be with you in #mycalvins. My new Spring 2016 campaign… What do you do in yours?’

#ad I want to be with you in #mycalvins. My new Spring 2016 @calvinklein campaign… What do you do in yours?

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Other stars joining the Calvin Klein spring campaign are FKA Twigs – who’s boyfriend is Robert Pattison, the one from the vampire films – choosing an action shot to show off her toned figure.

‘I excel in #mycalvins. Here’s a first look at the new spring 2016 @calvinklein campaign, shot by tyrone lebon’.

Followed by American hip hop artist Fetty Wap, who wore the most clothes, instead opting for a head shot. ‘I make money in #mycalvins. The S16 ad campaign, shot by Tyrone Lebon.’

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It’s all very artistic. We call really appreciate the lighting in these pictures. Well done to Calvin Klein for bringing out the best in our hotte—greatest stars.