We're off to listen to Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' album on repeat

Justin Bieber is BACK with ‘Purpose’, the first album he has released in three years – and Beliebers are exploding on the internet. It’s even got its own special ‘Purpose’ emoji! TADA…


Justin recently told Billboard of the album: ‘I’m self-expressing with this album – I can’t skip on the moments that were dark, the moments that were happy, the ex-girlfriend stuff. It makes it real. I want my music to be inspiring.’


All hail King Bieber!

So what’s the public verdict on Justin’s new, more grown-up musical style? According to his fans, Justin Bieber has totally smashed it with this new album, which includes hit singles ‘What Do You Mean?’ and ‘Sorry’.

But it’s not a dream – it’s reality. Sigh…

They have already declared it album of the year.

It looks like there are big things on the horizon for this star…who’s ready for awards season?


That’s it, turn all other noise right down! We’re busy listening to Biebs.

Meanwhile, some fans are getting totally nostalgic after all these years…

Where has all the time gone?!

There’s more good news for Beliebers: not only has Justin finally released his new album today, but he also plans to undertake a world tour next year, giving fans a chance to hear all these new songs live! We bet those tickets will be selling out fast!

Right, that’s it, we’re taking the day off now to have a listen to Bieber’s new album. Happy Purpose day, everyone. Don’t stop Beliebing.

Francesca Specter/@Chezspecter