Justin Bieber has some not-so-secret admirers, in the form of Kelly Osbourne and Rebel Wilson

The world’s a little bit Bieber crazy right now. With his singles dominating the charts, his regular posting of steamy selfies on his Instagram page and a brand new grown-up attitude (well, sometimes), Justin Bieber has got more fans than ever before.

And now, the leaking of a hilarious love note reveals that he has two new ones, in the form of Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne.

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The unlikely threesome attended the opening showing of ‘All I Have’, Jennifer Lopez‘s new Las Vegas residency on Wednesday night. According to Rebel, they were all having a jolly good time:

Ahh, what great selfies.

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But it’s clear that Kelly and Rebel were not ready for the night to end after the show. Responding to Rebel’s tweet in the morning, Justin attached a picture of the hilarious note that the gals sent him, in which they give him an interesting proposition:

‘Dear Justin / My name is Kelly Osbourne / and my name is Rebel Wilson / We think you should take our sexy hot asses out after the show / nothing weird’

What’s more, the message ends with some amazingly retro ‘yes/no’ tick boxes for Justin to give a quick and straightforward answer.

And, readers, he ticked ‘yes’!

Even better, Kelly followed up with a second note, asking him exactly where this three-way date would be occurring – their place, or his:

This shit between @rebelwilson @justinbieber and I is getting #REAL

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Unfortunately, there’s no follow-up information on that one. Yet we imagine they all spent a great night together, regardless of where they were.

All in all, this story has taught us something great – if it’s this easy to get a date with the Biebs, pass us a pad of paper and a pen, because we’ve got some important notes to write…

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