The musicians have known each other for a number of years

Just as we’re dealing with the fallout from Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breakup (RIP Talvin), there have been rumours of another celeb super-couple being on the rocks, as Hailey Baldwin and Drake have been seen ‘getting close’.

But if you were wondering whether Justin Bieber was at home moping about his girlfriend possibly falling for the Canadian rapper’s charms, you needn’t worry as it seems he has a friend to help him cope…Rita Ora!

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Justin and Rita were spotted getting a bite to eat on Wednesday night as a Hollywood eatery, according to sources, the musicians looked ‘cosy’ as they laughed, ate and chatted about how wonderful it is to be globally successful artists. (We assume.)

They had such a good time, in fact, that they took the party to a club afterwards – but Justin shielded his face from the glares of the camera by pulling the strings of his jacket hood tightly.

Of course, simply enjoying a meal together doesn’t mean that it’s time for the Ritabots and Beliebers to start planning their Twitter wedding parties, littered with a whole host of bride and top hat emojis. But Justin and Rita do have a flirty history – including the fact that JB was once blamed for Rita’s breakup with Calvin Harris in 2014.

Whether this was friends catching up or the start of something romantic, we sure hope a musical collab was one of their topics of conversation – between the two of them, we smell a summer hit!

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