Family blame split from Selena Gomez for Justin's bad behaviour

Justin Bieber‘s granddad has spoken of his sadness about his relationship with Justin.

George Bieber lives in squalor and is too ill to work but Justin, 19, hasn’t helped the family out much, something that upsets his grandfather.

Justin might be worth £70 million but we certainly have never seen a penny of it,’ says George, 61.

It does make me sad, as right now our life is pretty desperate. I can’t work due to illness, so there is barely any money coming into the house and we only just about get by.

Justin has just got too big for his britches. He never calls us and now I sometimes think he doesn’t care.

When I hear about his recent behaviour I just wonder who on earth is looking after him as, believe me, this is not the loving little boy we always knew.’

George, father of Justin’s dad Jeremy, isn’t the only relative upset by Justin’s antics.

George’s daughter Bonnie is also shocked at the singer’s behaviour but blames his management as well as his recent split from Selena Gomez, 20.

It is not surprising parents were outraged when he turned up two hours late to the London show,’ Bonnie, 41, tells The Sun.

I honestly think the people around him are more to blame, though.

Then he is also recovering from a broken heart. It was Selena who ended it and of course, when it is not your choice it is difficult.

We met her once but she seemed a little up herself and I don’t imagine it will be long before he has a new girlfriend, but it’s still a difficult time for him.’

Justin’s representatives have declined to comment. 

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