We haven't seen this many pre-teens awkwardly trying to enjoy themselves since the school disco days...

Justin Bieber might have been one of the most anticipated acts of V Festival 2016 but many fans were left unimpressed with the pop-superstar after his low energy performance and very obvious lip-syncing. Well, we might have just found out why.

According to Now’s insider, it turns out that the 22-year-old was very busy in Tape London partying until 6am. This leaves him very little time to rest and get ready for his performance for V, that began at 9:10pm in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, that same day.

But it seems like putting on a show was part of the Biebs original intentions: our insider has told us that he ordered 800 gallons of purified water to use during his performance. It was supposed to be unleashed while he sang a song his hit song Cold Water but… he didn’t. And no one knows why.

It also means that V Festival organisers now have 400 gallons of purified water that they don’t know what to do with…

Another source told Now that he arrived at the festival via helicopter in scenes that was described to us as a ‘military operation’ – and he used the same means to leave that night.

GIF Justin Bieber Sorry

He should be…


And while he was allegedly off to throw one of the biggest parties of the festival season that night, he wouldn’t have much to celebrate after the headline performance fell flat with most fans.

Among the chief complaints of the night was that the star was ‘distant’ and the fact he mimed most of his set. Perhaps most unforgivable of all offences: he called Chelmsford, a city in Essex, London. Maybe we can let the Canadian off for that one, but fans raged on Twitter afterwards.

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At one point in his set he pointed out distant burger vans and named them, as if the people weren’t at the festival themselves. He also spent most of the time during his songs with the microphone by his side, which also defeats the point of miming.

When his signature song Sorry was finally played, he didn’t perform so much as hug his entire entourage. We get soppy when we’re hungover too – though not in front of thousands of paying festival goers.

Way to break the good-will you built up, Justin Bieber.