The As Long As You Love Me singer says he knows the value of money

Today Justin Bieber, 18, is an incredibly wealthy star. Forbes magazine estimates the teenager has earned $108 million in 2 years.

However, the Beauty And A Beat heartthrob reveals his simple upbringing has made him appreciate his new found fortune.

I experienced not having a lot of money and growing up poor. I felt like that really helps me today. Especially with money – I see the value of money,’ says Justin.

When I used to go to restaurants with my mom, I had to look at the menu [carefully] – I couldn’t order drinks because they were too expensive; I’d only get water.

Me and my mom would split a meal because we couldn’t afford two.’

Justin says today he truly appreciates his stash of cash.

Now, being able to go to a restaurant and not have to look at a menu and be like, “I can afford this, I can afford this…” I can just get what I wanna eat,’ Justin tells The Independent On Sunday.

‘And it just feels so good because I didn’t have that privilege before.’

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