Has Bieber gone too far this time?

Justin Bieber‘s Instagram has been going pretty crazy recently…

After posting a series of pictures pointing out that he has conjunctivitis (yep, really) we didn’t think his posts could get any more, erm, personal?

But the singer has surprised fans yet again, by posting what (at first) looks like a beautiful, scenic beach snap.

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Lovely, right? Erm, wrong.

Look closer and there appears to be a trickle of liquid falling between JB’s legs – prompting fans to speculate that he is actually WEEING in the snap.

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Some were less than impressed, with one follower angrily commenting: ‘This pick is horrible biebs ruined beauty’

‘Stop peeing there. It’s not nice😥😤,’ another agreed.

One fan shared their surprise at the seemingly normal post: ‘I thought this was a normal pic but no… you’re peeing’

Another seemed disappointed, asking: ‘Wtf is wrong with you?’

However, many were simply amused by Bieber’s daring snap. ‘Hope u had a great pee my love,’ one unfazed follower commented.

Another seemed blissfully unaware of Justin’s indiscretion: ‘Beautiful scenery and love nature and surroundings is so beautiful this is the bst pic of you’

And one fan commented probably what we were all thinking: ‘The only guy tht can hit a million likes jst showing his peeing photo 🔥’

Since then, Bieber has shocked his Instagram followers AGAIN by posting this hilarious photoshopped picture:

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Don’t worry guys, that’s not Bieber.

He’s photoshopped his face onto singer Halsey‘s body, and fans were loving it.

One follower simply stated: ‘^My new screensaver’

‘Your sense of humour is amazing 😂👍🏻💜,’ another commended the superstar on his humour.

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Of course, not everyone was as convinced…

‘Wtf is wrong justin !?,’ one fan worried about their idol.

At least Biebs is keeping us entertained, eh?

Emily Jefferies