Recovering addict leaves The Darkness to focus on rehab

Justin Hawkins has decided to leave The Darkness to focus on his recovery from drink and drug addiction.

The lead singer of the band has been clean for nine weeks following treatment at The Priory but feels if he returns to the band, the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle may ruin his attempts to get better.

In an interview with The Sun, Justin, 32, revealed how he has spent over £150,000 on cocaine in the last three years. His habit started in 2002 when The Darkness shot to fame with their debut single I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

He confessed: ‘I was consuming up to five grams a day which cost me £1,000 a week, sometimes more. I regularly used to stay up for four days at a time on coke and alcohol binges.

‘I feel like I’ve lost three years of my life. I’m only just coming to terms with what has happened because I was always off my face.’

Justin feels guilty about leaving the band, but knows it’s the best thing for his health.

‘I feel bad for the others,’ he says. ‘But it would be damaging to stay on. I’m not blaming the band for my problem. I’m an addict.’