WTF?! Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé Justin Theroux gets close to Trudie Styler

Snapped in the closest of embraces, Jennifer Aniston‘s fiancé Justin Theroux kisses a mystery blonde full on the lips.

Yes, it’s the picture that’s sparked a thousand rumours online.

Since the intimate encounter was caught on camera at a birthday party Robert Downey Jr threw for his wife Susan in San Francisco last weekend, there’s been much speculation over the identity of the woman – including suggestions it could be Justin‘s ex Heidi Bivens.

But we can reveal the blonde is none other than singer Sting‘s wife Trudie Styler, 59 – one of Justin‘s long-time pals.

And we can also confirm that Jennifer, 44, is furious!

Although she trusts her man, Jen‘s told friends she’s upset Justin didn’t think about his actions and how they could send the rumour mill into overdrive about their relationship.

She’s absolutely livid about this,’ says our source.

Jen hates to be like this, but it’s the world they live in. He shouldn’t kiss anyone on the lips and risk getting papped like that.

‘Time and time again, Jen‘s team have coached him about the perils of doing such a thing when he’s dating an A-lister.’

Justin‘s struggled to adjust and at times the scrutiny gets to him, but he knows all the rules and he’s accidentally broken them.

‘Although it was totally innocent, the moment has been captured for ever.’

Justin and Trudie‘s reps refused to comment, although a friend of Justin‘s insisted the kiss was just how he says goodbye’.

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