Justin Timberlake talks to Jimmy Fallon about being a father and being a parent with wife Jessica Biel on The Tonight Show

Justin Timberlake may be a singing superstar, our man-crush Monday everrrry week, a dance machine and just all-round funny nice guy, but the biggest achievement in his life? Becoming a dad.

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Yep. Our heartstrings have well and truly been tugged on too.
‘It is the most insanely amazing, wonderful, unbelievable thing to ever happen to you.’

The 34-year-old gushed about his son Silas who was born back in April, and if all that wasn’t cute enough, he revealed that the five-month-old had recently just said ‘dada’ for the first time.

Oh, and JT bought plenty of  photos of the little ‘un to share with Jimmy Fallon and the audience, including one of his wife Jessica Biel with Silas.

In the words of the almighty Chandler Bing, could this family BE any more adorable?!

Things didn’t stay sentimental and soppy for long though, as Justin and host Jimmy Fallon share a full-on proper bromance, and have a tendency to let their silly side out when they’re around each other.

Not only did they indulge themselves in the sixth history of rap together on the show – our personal fave bit when Justin was appalled by the words that was coming out of Jimmy’s mouth when he tried to rap Informer – but recently, the pair also headed to watch some tennis at the US Open together, and broke into the dance routine for Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Classic.


And surprisingly – or perhaps not so much – this isn’t the first time that JT’s busted out these moves, as he’s even gone as far and donned a black leotard and worked those Single Ladies moves with Queen Bey herself.

Justin and actress Jessica Biel started dating back in January 2007, and became engaged by December 2011, getting married in October 2012in Italy. Bellisimo!

Along with Justin, funny woman Ellen Degeneres was also on the talk show and took on Jimmy Fallon in our fave internet thing of a lip-sync battle.

We’ve perfected our lip sync along to Carly Rae Jepson whenever you want to invite us on Jimmy…

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