Comedian Simon Brodkin - who disrupted Kanye West’s Glastonbury set as character Lee Nelson - has a history of popping up unexpectedly

Kanye West is never been shy about causing a stir on stage but even he wasn’t expecting what happened during his Glastonbury set last night.

The 38-year-old rapper called a halt to his performance when comedy character Lee Nelson invaded the stage and pretended to rap alongside him in a pretty bizarre moment.

Lee – the chav alter ego of British comedian Simon Brodkin – was seen running onto the stage behind Yeezy during Black Skinhead wearing a white t-shirt bearing the word ‘Lee-zus’ (see what he did there?).

Kanye attempted to carry on with the tune before giving up and saying: ‘Start over.’ A burly security guard then wrestled Lee off the stage.

Lee justified the stunt on Twitter, telling fans:

But it’s not the first time that Simon has pulled a shock stunt like this as one of his characters. The comedian – who actually used to be a doctor – has quite a history of popping up unexpectedly.

Last year Lee crashed The X Factor during a performance by boy band Stereo Kicks and pretended to sing alongside the baffled lads.

Cue an angry reaction from judge Louis Walsh, who was seen throwing his arms in the air as a member of security pulled the TV character away. We’ve never seen Louis in such a huff!

Before that Simon attempted to become a member of the England football squad as another one of his alter egos, a Liverpudlian footballer called Jason Bent.

He donned a suit to blend in with the boys as they prepared to leave Luton Airport last June and claims that he nearly got away with it.

‘I said, “Lads, am I in the squad or what? I’ve just changed my phone so I’m not sure what happened about getting a call from Roy,”’ Simon tells the Mirror.

‘”I’ve got my passport, learnt the national anthem, let’s go, let’s do this”. The players were chuckling, then before I knew it someone from the FA came along and he actually said to the players, “Is he in the squad?”

‘Unfortunately they said no and that was it. I was carted away.’

Jason also popped up on the pitch during a game between Everton and Manchester City at Goodison Park in March 2012, a stunt that Simon was given a caution for from police.

As Lee he’s also had a run-in with the law, having once been caught by a Community Support Officer when he pretended to steal some of his own DVDs at London’s Oxford Street.

Simon clearly hasn’t been put off by the various misdemeanours though, even if they do land him in a bit of hot water.

‘I probably should think about it a little bit more but I get a little rush of blood to the head and the thought, “that’s gonna be a funny idea” then I sort of go for it,’ he explains.

‘Funny rules. If it gets a laugh, you’ve gotta do it.’

Hmmm, not everyone thought his latest stunt was that amusing though. The Kanye invasion had a mixed reaction from fans, with some blasting Lee on Twitter for being ‘irrelevant’ and ‘unfunny’.

Others were quite impressed though. One Tweeter even suggested he was ‘better’ than Kanye…

Something tells us this won’t be the last of Simon’s shock stunts.

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