Kim Kardashian’s battling Kanye West over his outrageous prenup demands

We’ve come to expect a lot of drama from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

But even we were shocked to hear the rapper’s offered his fiancée a prenup that gives her $5 million (£3.2 million) for each baby she has with him.

Kim and Kanye have ferocious lawyers and are both insisting on all kinds of clauses before they 
tie the knot,’ reveals a source.

‘They’re expected to keep their respective fortunes but share equally what they’ll earn during their married life together.

However, it’s the other details that are causing issues.

Kanye‘s insisting there’s a provision in the prenup that Kim must try to get pregnant with at least one more child. As an incentive, he’ll give her $5 million for one more child and $10 million [£6.4 million] for two.’

Kim, 33, who already has eight-month-old daughter North with Kanye, 36, has previously given out mixed signals about future children, saying on The Ellen DeGeneres Show two weeks ago: ‘I’ve always wanted about six [kids]. After having [North], I thought I’d have a million.

But the pregnancy…I wouldn’t really wish that upon anyone.’

Our source adds: ‘In return for the baby clause in the prenup, Kim wants Kanye to consider a reality series with her and to limit his time away from home.’

Their reps declined to comment when contacted about the prenup.

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