Kayne's apparently laid down the law to Kim Kardashian over baby no.2

Kim Kardashian’s second pregnancy won’t be anything like her first if hubby Kanye West has anything to do with it. While she was expecting North, the 34-year-old kept fans constantly updated with every stage on reality show Keeping 
Up With The Kardashians.

But after announcing she’s finally pregnant again following a struggle to conceive, Kanye, 38, has laid down a string of rules 
for Kim to follow. A well-placed source says: ‘Firstly, Kanye’s told Kim not to find out and share the sex of the baby. Last time she just announced it, but Kanye’s keen 
to keep it a surprise this time. 
He’s said to Kim that this time is different – they’re married, so every decision must be his too.’

But that’s not the only thing Kanye is trying to enforce on Kim, who’s expecting their second child in December. The source adds: ‘Kanye’s said he doesn’t want her giving away private details on the show. He doesn’t want this baby exposed like North was. And Kim’s bump is not going to be 
on every KUWTK show.’

Kim’s so keen to prove she’s sticking to Kanye’s demands 
that she hit out when rumours emerged she was expecting a boy. She Tweeted..


During her first pregnancy, Kim gave viewers no-holds- barred access to all her medical consultations and revealed intimate details over 
the nine months – but Kanye hated it. And 
he’s adamant that he 
gets to have a say in everything she does in this pregnancy – and with their two-year-old daughter.

Our source adds: ‘The deal is that if Kim’s with North, she has to get his approval to do anything in public or let North be pictured. Now North is very rarely shown on KUWTK and that’s all because of Kanye. He wants it to be the same with the new baby.

‘He’s also concerned about Kim’s wardrobe 
and has been advising 
her about her clothes. Kanye knows she got a hard time from trolls for her pregnancy outfits last time round and he doesn’t want her 
to get criticised so much again.’

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Lucretia Munro