It's the body contouring trend the celebs like Kim Kardashian are going crazy for...

Want a killer body without having to give the mince pies a swerve this Christmas? No problem. Thanks to a few handy make-up tricks that some of the hottest celebs like Kim Kardashian have been using for years, you can fake your way to toned arms, a perfect cleavage and slender-looking pins this party season – no gym membership required.

Fake it ’til you make it

The Kardashians are big fans of using make-up to create more pronounced cheekbones or slim down their noses, so it’s no surprise that they’ve also used contouring tricks on their bodies.  Kim Kardashian, 35, is rumoured to have employed top tanning expert Jessica Mirdita to give her an ‘instant boob job’ whenever she needs it using clever fake tan techniques. The tanning technician uses shading to sculpt her client’s body, enhancing curves and cheating slender limbs.


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Daily highlights

It’s not just fake tan. There are a host of amazing products on the market that you can use to shape, contour and highlight your best assets, and give a helping hand to the parts of your body you’re less confident about.
Kim Kardashian raves about make-up artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury’s hero product Supermodel Body, £45, which claims to be ‘like shapewear for your skin’. Kim says: ‘It’s legendary. I use it on my legs.’
#Nofilter required
Even Victoria’s Secret models get the body contouring treatment backstage before they hit the catwalk to ensure they’re looking as toned and sculpted as possible.
And reality stars like Lauren Goodger, 29, have caught on to the trend, taking to Instagram to demonstrate the amazing effects make-up can have on their bodies.

So if you’re after a quick figure fix before your Christmas party and your squats aren’t getting the desired results fast enough, why not fake it instead? But before you do, make sure your follow our guide to make sure you avoid a contour catastrophe…


Step one: Start by highlighting the tops of your breasts and collarbones with a fake tan, such as Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Body Mist, blending it in well around the outside curve of your breasts.
Step two: Finish with a dusting of bronzer, such as The Body Shop Baked To Last, above and below your collarbones.


Step one: Apply a highlighter, such as Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body,
to the fronts and backs of your legs.

Step two: Lift your leg and sweep bronzer down the insides of the thighs, following your muscles’ natural definition.

Step three: With your feet flat on the floor, do a light squat to highlight the muscles on your calves and outline these with bronzer.

Step four: Turn to the side and, remaining in your squat, note the definition in your outer thighs – there’s a line from the top almost all the way to the knee that shows up when you flex it just right. Enhance this with another sweep of bronzer.


Step one: Flex your arm to accentuate your bicep and use a bronzer to shade underneath the natural line.

Step two: Sweep highlighter from your shoulder, along the top of your upper arm and down your forearm to elongate.

Step three: Finish with a subtle dusting of bronzer along the underside of your arm to create a shadow.