It's beginning to feel a lot like carnage in the Kardashian household with festive fighting, dumping and back-stabbing!

On the surface, things couldn’t be rosier for the Kardashians this Christmas, but behind the scenes, the forever-feuding clan are facing their worst holiday season ever.

Already several key members, including Kanye West and Bruce Jenner, are threatening to boycott momager Kris Jenner‘s annual Christmas Eve party, while all five notoriously competitive sisters are at war over everything from the family Christmas card to their yo-yo waistlines.

While Kris, 59, is carrying on like nothing’s wrong and is expecting everyone to toe the line for their Christmas special, those closest to her are convinced she’s in for a shock. But this is the Kardashians – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a family fight, right?

The heartbreaks

Everyone’s braced for Khloé Kardashian, 30, to have a meltdown. This time last year, she filed for divorce from hubby Lamar Odom, 35, and the fact he’s still stalling on it has really played with her emotions. Now‘s insider says: ‘Khloé wavers between anger and revenge to wanting him back. She thought they’d be having their first Christmas with a baby this year.’

But that’s nothing compared to the dramas between Kourtney, 35, and her baby daddy Scott Disick, 31, whose drinking has sparked endless rows. ‘He’s depressed and doesn’t want to go anywhere near the family over the holiday period,’ says our source. ‘He can’t relax around them and it’s no secret Kanye can’t stand him. He’s lost his place as the man of the house.’


The couple recently rowed when Kourtney – who’s just had their third baby, a boy – told Scott she needed space. He said: ‘How much more space do you need? We haven’t slept together [in the same bed] in five years!’

The fat shaming

Embattled Rob Kardashian wants nothing more to do with the family’s reality show. The ex-model, 27, launched a scathing attack on his mum, claiming the pressure of being on the show has left him depressed and overweight.

The snub

Kanye West, 37, has upset the family – and fans – by refusing to let wife Kim, 34, take part in the annual Kardashian Christmas card. He’s decided he wants to do his own with just him, Kim and North this year.

‘It’s caused a huge uproar,’ says a source. ‘Kim‘s been trying to change his mind but he just won’t budge. He’s driving her crazy making all these plans without consulting her and Kris. Kim loves the traditions she grew up with but now Kanye also wants to take her and North to New York for Christmas. Kim‘s totally torn.’

The surgery face-off

The rivalry between Kim and Kendall has reached fever pitch after Kendall turned her nose up at Kim‘s naked shoot for Paper magazine, while Kim saw red when Kendall, 19, landed her contract with Estée Lauder. Even worse, all the sisters are concerned for Kylie, 17, who’s been talking about having surgery.

‘It’s hard because they don’t want Kylie to go under the knife as she’s so young but they look like hypocrites, especially Kris, who’s had so much,’ says Now‘s source. ‘Kylie‘s going through a real identity crisis since her parents split and it’s worrying everyone because no one can get through to her.’

As for the body rivalry between the sisters, Khloé and Kim are leading the way. ‘They’re constantly comparing measurements and accusing each other of Photoshopping their pictures, but Kim‘s selfie obsession has taken things to a whole new level,’ adds our source. ‘It’s tedious hanging out with them because there’s a cellphone in front of their faces 24/7.

‘And the conversation – ugh! If it’s not the newest surgery procedure, it’s the latest diet – it’s all calories, carbs, cellulite… They’ve all been trying to look the hottest and the skinniest for the Christmas special.’

The divorce

With everyone taking sides after the end of Kris and Bruce Jenner‘s 22-year marriage, Kylie and Kendall are caught in the middle. Our insider tells us: ‘The girls aren’t coping with the split, especially Kylie, and with Bruce threatening to bail on the family’s festive celebrations, they’re torn.
‘He’s planning a lunch at his Malibu pad on the same day as Kris‘s party and the girls have no idea what to do. Kris will probably win because the cameras will be rolling.’

The other drama facing them all is Bruce‘s defiant son Brody, 31, who’s made no secret of his dislike of Kimye. ‘Brody‘s fuming at how his dad’s been treated and is sick of them all being played like puppets by Kris,’ says a pal. ‘He doesn’t want anything to do with her or Kim and is begging Kylie and Kendall to spend Christmas with their dad.’

Meanwhile Bruce, 65, has been seen wearing Spanx and nail varnish and has grown his hair long. ‘The family don’t get what he’s doing,’ says our source. ‘They love him no matter what, but it’s hard having people laughing at him.’

Read the full interview with Mark Wright, in this week’s Now magazine dated 22 December 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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