Will you be buying one of Karen Danczuk's cast-offs?

It’s not just Abz from Five flogging his unwanted bits and bobs on eBay.

While his second hand Brit award is currently sitting at £7,100 after 63 bids, one person presumably hoping for the same interest is selfie queen Karen Danczuk.

The MP’s wife who’s been hitting headlines all year due to her risqué snaps is now selling off some of the ‘sexy’ outfits that have helped create her newfound celebrity status.

Fancy grabbing yourself a real collectors item? Well act fast, because some of Karen’s clothes are available from just £1.00!

Where as her ‘100% Leather Jacket Size 10’ is currently at a whopping £21.00, the same sadly can’t be said for her ‘Black & Silver Sequin Top.’


Describing the top, Karen wrote: ‘Sexy silver and black sequin top. Perfect with skinny jeans and heels!!’ But sadly this hasn’t been enough to pull in the punters.

And with just two days left until the auction ends, it’s not looking good.

This isn’t the first time the 31-year-old has turned to eBay to make some extra cash either. In December 2014, it was reported Karen was flogging signed selfies of herself for £10 each.

If Karen’s cast-offs or Abz Brit Award aren’t quite doing it for you – the online auction site has all kinds of celebrity memorabilia.

From air breathed by Kanye West to Justin Bieber’s used toothpick, you HAVE to see how much some of this stuff sells for.

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