The former Labour councillor made a brave appearance on Loose Women

Karen Danczuk has received an onslaught of public support after speaking on live TV about the shocking childhood sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of her older brother.

Karen, the estranged wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, came forward as a survivor of attacks by her brother, Michael Burke, as he was found guilty of multiple instances of sexual violence (including three counts of rape towards her).

And to discuss it further, she appeared on Friday’s edition of Loose Women (2nd December) and bravely told her story, bringing herself to tears, as well as watching fans.

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The mother-of-two and ‘selfie queen’ told the panel how she was feeling in the wake of all the media coverage of her brother’s case, and she is experiencing a lot of mixed emotions. ‘I naively thought when I got my verdict that my life would go back to normal. I don’t feel happy, I feel emotional. I’m sick of crying about it.’

She then went on to confess that didn’t quite feel 100% ready to be on the programme:

‘I’m not mentally ready to appear on this show, I was pushed to do this because I had to tell the truth about my brother. I haven’t slept in four weeks.

‘People asked me why I waived my anonymity and I wanted to say because I am so strong, but I felt pushed to do it.’

Karen Danczuk (middle), being comforted by Nadia Sawalha and Saira Khan

Karen Danczuk (middle), being comforted by Nadia Sawalha and Saira Khan

‘I thought I would feel better once he went to prison, but I don’t. I feel guilty that he is in there.

‘He has gone to prison, but it is a prison sentence for me.’

Having spoken so openly about how she was feeling in what many would call an unthinkable situation, Karen instantly received support and encouragement from not only the panel on the show, but viewers watching at home, who took to Twitter with kind words.

‘New found respect for @KarenDanczuk after seeing her talk about her ordeal on @loosewomen. What a woman!’ reads one positive response, while others express their pride at her bravery.

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