The so-called 'selfie queen' has spoken out following Michael Burke being found guilty

Karen Danczuk has waived her right to anonymity to speak out after her brother was found guilty of raping her as a child.

The former MP’s wife saw sibling Michael Burke convicted of the attacks – which took place when Karen was between 9 and 11 – at Manchester Crown Court this week, where he was found guilty of eight counts of rape, one attempted rape and one indecent assault against Karen and two other women.


Karen Danczuk reveals heartbreak and hatred she’s faced

He denied the charges and was also cleared of nine other serious sexual offences.

‘My brother’s a monster for raping me. He is sick, I hope he rots in hell,’ Karen, 33, has tearfully said following the trial.

‘He robbed me of my childhood. I was so damaged, my education suffered and I’ve battled anxiety and depression in my adult life.’

Karen says that Michael, 38, molested her at their family home in Rochdale from when she was 6 until around the age of 15 or 16, with it beginning when he would touch her during games of hide-and-seek.

This progressed to him climbing in to bed with her and abusing her on a weekly basis.

‘I would always pretend to be asleep and lie with my back to him, facing the wall. I was terrified and confused but I didn’t know what else to do,’ says Karen.

‘It would always be a Sunday night because he knew I wouldn’t be wearing any underwear as that was our bath night.’

When Michael’s abuse turned to rape, a traumatised Karen – who says she was bullied at school – was terrified to speak out.

‘I remember screwing up my face trying not to cry and wishing for it to be over. I would not dare tell anyone,’ the mum-of-two explains.

‘Now I’ve got children of my own that makes me feel sick. I was living in a hell-hole – there was no love in my house. It wasn’t a normal household.’

Karen eventually found the courage to tell Michael to stop his torment when they were alone in the kitchen together on one ocassion.

‘I plucked up the courage to say, “Don’t touch me again”,’ she explains. ‘He looked sheepish and said something like, “What you on about?”

‘It was the first time I had even acknowledged to him I knew what he was up to.’

The abuse stopped at this point but Karen admits it had a ‘damaging effect’ and brought her ‘misery’ for many years afterwards.

‘Most people remember their first time with that special someone,’ the former councillor says. ‘My brother took my ­virginity when I was a child. Imagine having to live with that.

‘I have suffered with depression and anxiety through the majority of my adult life. Every night there will be flashbacks or a nightmare. I am aware every single day that someone could hurt me.

‘This is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. Even now I can’t sleep naked or with the door open – I can’t even cuddle in bed. I will never love anyone properly, I think.’

Karen – who found fame as the wife of MP Simon Danczuk and quickly became known for posting selfies – is hoping that speaking out will encourage other victims of abuse to come forward.

Her brother collasped in the dock upon hearing of his conviction and is due to be sentenced on 15 December.