Wondering how Karen Danczuk has lost so much weight? Here are her secrets...

After stripping down for her first ever bikini shoot with Now in July, selfie queen Karen Danczuk has continued her incredible weight loss.

Following our story yesterday how the 32-year-old is selling off her ‘sexy’ outfits on eBay, we can exclusively reveal why the MP’s wife is flogging some of her favourite clothes.

‘I’ve lost three and a half stone and my clothes don’t fit anymore,’ Karen tells us. ‘I’m having to buy all new, my old stuff just drowns me now I’m a healthy size 10.’

‘As well as a new wardrobe I’m also decorating my house, and I’ve changed the way my Twitter looks. I am a lot more conscious about what I tweet now too. It is like I’m having a complete image overhaul, maybe it is a fresh start.’

When asked how she’d managed to shed three stone, the controversial star revealed all her secrets.

‘I’ve lost the weight by training, but I won’t go any slimmer as I’d look a little too weird. I’d never get addicted to exercising either, no. Some people do get like that, don’t they? Their whole lives become dominated by it. I’m not like that, I love my food too much. That’s why it’s taken me since November 2014 to lose this weight and get down to 10 stone. There’s more to life than carrot sticks.’

The mum-of-two previously admitted what inspired her change of lifestyle, telling us: ‘My son once asked me why I didn’t look like the other mummies at his school – why didn’t I wear make-up and have my hair done. I felt ashamed. I’d just let myself go.’

All we can say is keep going!

We can’t wait to see your next set of selfies once you’ve got yourself a new wardrobe!