Alison Jackson gets lookalikes to pose for spoof snaps

In these hilarious spoof pictures by Alison Jackson, lookalikes of Kate Middleton, Prince George and Prince William settle down for a soak in a soapy bathtub.

Kate and William look lovingly at each other as they sit in the tub with their baby son. William smiles across at his wife while she gazes at their little boy.

After a relaxing family dip, Kate throws on a dressing gown to cuddle up to George and towel-clad William.

Doting mum Kate then plants a kiss on baby George’s head and gently feeds him a bottle.

It seems that Kate and William are quite the hands-on parents. William is seen attempting to change George’s nappy before Kate tries to help.

The Duchess stares affectionately at her man while he carefully attends to their son.

Once he’s wearing a fresh diaper, Kate coos over cute little Prince George. The tot lies back happily and lets his mum fuss him. Meanwhile William heads down to the kitchen to fetch some milk for the baby boy.

Kate and William have fun dressing George in an adorable tiny crown – very fitting for a young Prince and future heir to the throne.

Soon they are joined by other members of the royal family. The Queen pays a visit and cradles her great-grandson George. Kate and William look on with smiles on their faces.

The Queen offers new mum Kate some tips about handling George before proudly taking a picture of Kate, William and their young son on a mobile phone.

We’d love to know if Kate and William‘s real family life is anything like these funny spoof photos imagine!

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