Uh-oh - Nicky Clarke has endured quite a backlash for his comments about Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton might have one of the most famous hairdos in the world but not everybody is a fan, it seems.

Celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke – whose previous clients include Prince William’s late mother Princess Diana – has hit out at the Duchess, 33, for allowing her grey hairs to be seen on more than one occasion, including an instance earlier this year when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

In fact Nicky, 57, dislikes silvery locks so much that he’s branded it ‘disastrous’ for Kate and thinks she should cover them up.

‘Kate needs to get rid of her grey hair – it’s not a good look,’ he tells the Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare.

‘She does have amazing things done to her hair and it can look great, but unfortunately it’s the case for women – all women – that until you’re really old, you can’t be seen to have any grey hairs.

‘It’s different for men. Men can go grey in their mid-50s and still be considered attractive – it’s the whole silver fox thing – but it’s not the same for women.

‘Kate is such a style icon that even a few strands of grey would be a disaster, so I highly recommend that she cover it up. I hate grey hair.’

OUCH! Nicky appears to be in a minority with his views though as many Kate fans have expressed their utter outrage at his comments.

Some responses to his opinions include ‘What an idiot…he should take a good look in the mirror before he has the audacity to comment on anyone else’ and ‘He is one to talk his hair style looks like the 70’s. Who cares on the gray. We all get gray hair eventually’.

Others have poked fun at Nicky for suggesting that Kate’s occasional grey strands are a ‘disaster’.

‘a disaster is someone losing their home or a terminal cancer diagnosis. Not the natural ageing process,’ came one response on Twitter.

Another Tweeter quipped: ‘It would be like the abdication crisis all over again.’

Oh, and he didn’t get off the hook for saying that men could get away with ageing tresses whilst women can’t…

One Twitter user blasted the remarks as ‘infuriatingly sexist’ whilst another reader commented: ‘I’m not sure who thinks they make the rules for when a woman should or shouldn’t have any grey hair showing. But they can get stuffed, whoever they are.’

Eek! Someone’s been told…

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