Critics have called her a fashion fuddy-duddy, but Now reveals her saucy side

Kate Middleton showed 
off her baby bump in 
all its glory 
for the first time last week in a baby blue 50s-style Emilia Wickstead cocktail dress.

Notably, the expensive outfit wasn’t from a maternity range and 
so far the Duchess of Cambridge, 31, who’s almost seven months pregnant, has refused to wear anything that is.

Close friends reveal: ‘Kate doesn’t want a frump-bump.’

is because, despite reassurances from Prince William, 30 – who thinks she looks stunning – Kate‘s been panicking about her changing 
figure and fears she 
no longer looks 
sexy for her husband.

In fact, as the pair celebrated their second wedding anniversary yesterday, Now can reveal K-Midd‘s even been secretly stocking up on sexy maternity lingerie for her husband.

British designer Lorna Drew exclusively tells Now how the Duchess had said she was thrilled with a slinky £39 blue satin bra and matching £19 briefs she picked up from her collection.

Lorna reveals: ‘I couldn’t believe the response 
we got when we sent 
Kate the underwear.

‘We actually received an email back from her office saying she was ‘delighted’ with it.’

This bucks tradition for Kate, who normally sends a polite 
note and returns items when 
she doesn’t personally know 
the person who sent them.

Our insider says: ‘William 
has always fancied 
very sexy women and that’s 
what attracted him to Kate in the first place.

‘He was hooked from the moment she slinked down 
the catwalk at university in 2002 in a see-through black slip.

’She’s admitted to friends that she’s struggling to balance dressing for 
her pregnancy and looking young.’

Kate‘s being especially cautious about what she’s wearing after 
being blasted by renowned novelist Hilary 
Mantel in February as ‘a shop-window mannequin, with no personality of her own, entirely defined by what she wore’.

were made worse 
when broadsheet fashion journalists described Kate as
looking ‘matronly’ wearing 
an ‘ill-fitted, faded’ Armani 
coat and dressing like someone ‘past child-bearing age’.

Our source says: ‘Kate‘s particularly upset that some people have said she’s been dressing like a granny.

‘Her mistake is that she’s been 
trying to appear quite formal 
in order to impress the Royal family, but in private she 
really isn’t like that at all.’

Kate has a £39 Alexa blue 
bra with extra lift and shape, with a pair of matching £19 briefs.

Both are from celebrity designer Lorna Drew, who specialises in maternity lingerie.

Lorna Drew is giving Now readers a 20 per cent discount off all products at Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie.

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