Buckingham Palace sets record straight about claims Kate Middleton and Prince William are having a baby

Kate Middleton‘s rep has rubbished claims she’s pregnant with Prince William‘s baby.

A US magazine had alleged the couple – who will get married on 29 April – are expecting their first child and that they’d announce their happy news once they’d returned from their honeymoon.

Kate‘s bursting with the secret knowledge that she could soon be a mum,’ a source told Star magazine.

‘She had originally been nervous about having morning sickness on the wedding day, but in the end she decided not to put it off, to just leave it up to fate.’

But a Buckingham Palace spokesman says the rumours are ‘absurd’ and ‘certainly not true’.

There may not be a baby on the way, but Kate, 29, has shown her commitment to Prince William, 28, by becoming a full member of the Church Of England.

Catherine Middleton was confirmed by the Bishop Of London at a private service on 10 March at St James’s Palace attended by her family,’ a Palace spokesman tells Us Weekly.

Catherine, who was already baptised, decided to be confirmed as part of her marriage preparations.’

When Prince William becomes King, he will be the head of the Church Of England.

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