The touching moment was overheard at the Chelsea Flower Show

If you’ve ever wondered what Kate Middleton and Prince William call each other in the privacy of their own palace (because, let’s face it, ‘your royal highness’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue), then read on.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s pet name for hubby Wills has been revealed after she was overheard calling him by the cute moniker at the Chelsea Flower Show this week – and it’s totally adorable!

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The conversation was overheard by award-winning gardener Charlie Albone, who happily shared details of the royal couple’s convo with the world.

Charlie revealed that the touching moment came as when Prince William asked him the name of one of his plants.

Telling the future king that is was a Buxus (whatever that is), he reports Kate then turned to William and said: ‘Babe, we’ve got those. We’ve got loads of those.’

BABE! Just like what we call our other halves! Amazing.

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Speaking to Channel 9’s Today Show in his native Australia, Charlie said: ‘I got to meet Prince Will and Prince Harry. Prince William was quite funny actually.

‘He came up and said: ‘What [flower] is this one?’, and I replied: ‘That’s a Buxus’.’

He added: ‘Princess Catherine just turned to him and said: ‘Babe, we’ve got those. We’ve got loads of those’.’

Understandably, the Today Show presenters couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing (we can hardly believe it ourselves – BABE!), laughing and asking: ‘Kate actually called him ‘babe’ did she?!’

Charlie – who won a silver gilt medal at the show on Tuesday – replied: ‘Yeah she actually called him ‘babe’ and said ‘we’ve got loads of those’.’

We hope this story has made you as happy as it’s made us, babe.