Princess-to-be Kate Middleton gets pre-wedding nerves

Kate Middleton‘s reportedly been having recurring dreams that she’s naked as she walks down the aisle at her wedding to Prince William.

The Princess-to-be, whose big day’s expected to be watched by billions on Friday, is unsurprisingly having last-minute jitters ahead of the ceremony.

‘Her nerves have manifested in an interesting way,’ claims a royal source. ‘A recurring dream she hadn’t had for years has raised its head again.

‘She finds herself in front of the congregation and then becomes suddenly aware she is completely naked.’

The anxiety dream mirrors a similar one Kate, 29, is said to have had in 2006, just before she started her new job as an accessory buyer at Jigsaw.

And in the embarrassing nightmare, Kate desperately tries to protect her modesty.

‘There is a deathly silence – and everyone from the Queen to Prince Philip is staring at her,’ the source tells The Sun.

Kate has joked the worst bit is she can’t work out which parts to cover.’ 

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