The Duchess has an unlikely helper to help her raise her baby Diana's way: Camilla

For years she’s been painted as the wicked witch of the Royal family – the ‘third person’ in Charles and Diana’s marriage.

So it’ll come as a surprise that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has become Kate Middleton’s closest ally as she prepares for Baby Cambridge – particularly as Kate’s determined to raise the baby Princess Diana’s way.

In a Now exclusive, we can reveal that Kate, 30, even sees Camilla, 65, as her ‘second mum’.

Kate’s been turning to her for advice and for a good laugh, too,’ says our royal source.

Camilla’s the life and soul of the party inside the Palace and Kate relies on her a lot, especially now she’s pregnant.’

We’re told Kate has confided in Camilla that she’s determined to bring up the baby as ‘normally as possible’ following the precedent set by Diana with Prince William and Harry.

Kate’s asked Camilla, who has two children and five grandchildren, for her support.

Their close relationship is a relief to Charles – and signals just how much Wills has accepted his stepmum.

Read more about Kate Middleton in Now magazine dated 31 December 2012 – out now! 


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