She’s staying with him at Claridge's Hotel

Kate Moss has been reunited with Pete Doherty.

The supermodel, 33, is reported to have been staying with the singer, 28, in a £1,500-a-night suite at Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair for the past 5 days.

Her family and management are said to be shocked.

‘She had been completely ignoring him,’ says a source. ‘But what is worrying the family most is that Kate feels that the break from Pete has only made her love stronger.’

Kate and Pete – who have avoided being photographed together – are said to have had a emotional meeting in the plush hotel after she returned from a holiday in Spain.

‘He cried and she cried,’ the source tells the Daily Mail. ‘She said to him she had been avoiding him because she had promised everyone that she would.

‘But now she is talking about making a grand commitment to him – she wants the wedding over here that was put on hold, and she also wants his children.’

Don’t take him back, Kate!

(Our photo is a mock-up, the pair haven’t been snapped outside the hotel.)