Supermodel likes life in the countryside


Kate Moss seems to spend her evenings flitting from party to party in London, but she says that’s not so.

‘I still like to have fun,’ she admits, but she also likes to hang out in the country with daughter Lila Grace, 5.

‘I’m a mum. All the time. Every day I put my daughter to bed. And weekends we go off to my other place in Gloucestershire. When we’re there we take a neighbour’s pony and trap to the pub.

‘I’ve been thinking of moving to the countryside full time so that Lila can have a rural childhood.’

The supermodel, 34, intends to get herself a little runaround so she doesn’t have to keep borrowing the horse and cart.

‘I’m looking for an old 70s Corniche,’ she tells US Vogue. ‘It’s a Rolls-Royce.’

Lila’s dad is Kate’s ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack.