Snap is going up for auction


Kate Moss has swapped her famous boyish figure for a curvier look.

A snap, going on sale at Christie’s Auction House, shows the model wearing a solid bodysuit designed by artist Allen Jones.

Thanks to the bronze sculpture, the flat-chested supermodel appears to have big round boobs in the picture.

The image is part of a commissioned collection of photographs and artworks inspired by the model.

It’s expected to be sold for £20,000 – £30,000 when it’s auctioned in September.

Kate is the ultimate modern muse,’ says Gert Elfering, who sourced the pieces.

‘We will be seeing her images in major museums and private collections for years to come.’

The 39-year-old has recently been working with a body double on a shoe campaign. 

A girl wearing exactly the same outfit as the mum-of-one was spotted during filming.

It’s believed the blonde was hired for close-up shots of ‘Kate‘s’ feet and the back of her head.

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