Luxury resort prepared a beach ceremony

Kate Moss is staying at the luxury Amanpuri resort in Phuket, Thailand and Pete Doherty joined her there to see in the New Year – and exchange vows yesterday.

The bohemian-style beach ceremony was very romantic but may have no legal significance in the UK and could simply be a ritual to endorse the couple’s long-standing relationship.

Kate, 32, is said to have threatened to dump Pete, 27, if he did not cure his drug addiction but the Babyshambles singer faced drugs charges in court three times last year.

Thailand has severe laws regarding narcotics.

A close pal of Pete’s told The Sun: ‘People begged him not to go. If you get caught with drugs there you can be in massive trouble — and Pete’s shown time and again he can’t go without a fix for more than a day.’

A two-year community supervision order restricts Pete to short-haul travel and he has to report to a probation officer every week in London. It’s unclear whether his has breeched this order.