But singer doesn't rule out a duet with The Cribs frontman

Kate Nash has admitted she gets very protective over new songs and doesn’t like anyone to hear them until they are completely finished.

Despite winning Best Female Artist at the Brit Awards, the singer says she refuses to play new tracks to boyfriend Ryan Jarman in case he hates them.

‘I get really shy and private about my songs. I don’t like playing them to anyone before they’re properly ready, not even Ryan,’ she says.

‘I’m sure he’d be supportive but I prefer to keep them to myself. It’s weird, I can sing to thousands of people, but it’s a lot harder to say to one person: “What do you reckon to this, then?”’

Kate adds that she wouldn’t rule out a duet with Ryan, singer with The Cribs.

‘I’m not going to say it’ll never happen, but neither of us want to force a song together, because that woud be just cheesy,’ she tells the News Of The World.

Kate, 20, has been dating Ryan, 27, for six months.

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Laura Czerniak